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Training on Designing Of Industrial Networking

Project Initiation

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Project Costing

Organizational Planning

Procurement Planning

Project Control

Project Termination

Project Evaluation

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This course teaches project management as specifically applied to automation projects. Because automation projects require specialized approaches, it is critical for lead automation project engineers to take responsibility for implementing those techniques and approaches. It is also critical for their employers and their clients to ensure that this person has both the skills and the motivation to do those tasks, meshing the project leadership/ management role with technical work. Since many projects employ levels of project managers, this course will also help you to work effectively with senior project managers who are responsible for high-level planning and other management tasks.
While this course is focused on lead automation engineers and others in the project management role, it is equally valuable for customers and stakeholders of the automation project who want to work effectively with the project team and ensure that the project team focuses on the real deliverables.

Course Outline

Module #01: Project Management
Introduction: Why project management
The organizational context: Strategy, structure and culture
Project selection and portfolio management
Project scheduling
Procurement management
Minutes of Meeting
Memorandum of Understanding
Project evaluation & control
Contract management
Project closure
Cost estimation and budgeting
Module #02: Role and Responsibilities of Automation Engineer
Responsibilities of Project Engineer
Leadership and the project manager
Project team building, Conflict and negotiation
FAT & SAT report Generation

  •   To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:
    Experience with basic control and electrical principles or Classic Control/Automation Course
  •   To complete this course successfully, you must be able to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks, such as:
    1. Use a mouse
    2. Browse for files
    3. Open, close, size and move windows
Anyone who wants to gain solid knowledge of the key elements of industrial automation to improve their work skills and to further their job prospects:
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Instrumentation Engineers
Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors
Energy Management Consultants
Automation and Process Engineers
Design Engineers
Project Managers
System Integrators
Instrument Fitters, Technicians and Instrumentation Engineers
Consulting Engineers
Production Managers
Machine Operators
Instrument and Process Control Technicians
Even those who are highly experienced in industrial automation may find it useful to gain know-how in a very concentrated but practical format.
  Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation and Control (ADIAC)
   Certified Automation Engineer (CAE)
   Certified Automation Professional (CAP)
   Certified Automation Technician (CAT)
   Professional Course in PLC & SCADA Programming
   Professional Course in PLC & SCADA Programming,Installation and Maintenance (For OEM)
   Professional Course in Factory Automation (Programming,Installation and Maintenance of Automation Devices )
   Professional Course in Electrical and Process Instrumentation
  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition (SCADA)
  AC/DC drives
  Human Machine Interface HMI/MMI
  Distributed Control System (DCS)
  Industrial Networking & Protocol Technologies
  Plant Maintenance Engineering
  Industrial Intrumentation Engineering
  Electrical and Electronic Automation
  Electrical Maintenance & Toubleshooting
  Automation Project Design

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